About High Plains Nutrition & Management Roundtable...

2018 Planning Committee:

President:  Dr. Cody Nichols
Vice President:
  Dr. Ryan Rhoades
Treasurer:  Dr. Kelley Neuhold
Graduate Poster Contest:  Dr. Jennifer Schutz
University Rep-Elect:  Dr.  Rick Funston

Industry Rep-Elect:  Dr. Sara Trojan

Advisory Committee: 

Drs. Gary Tibbetts, Jack Whittier, Bob Brown, Ivan Rush, Bret Hess, John Wagner, Kelcey Swyers, Jeff Heldt, Scott Lake and Steve Paisley

Administration:  Dr. Ryan Rhoades (CSU)

The High Plains Nutrition & Management Roundtable is an annual meeting hosted by the local ARPAS chapter, comprised by beef industry professionals from the tri-state area (CO, WY, NE) who share a common interest in improving the beef industry through improved nutrition and management practices.  Each year, the meeting is hosted in the tri-state area by professors from Colorado State University (CSU), University of Wyoming (UW), and University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), along with industry professionals who desire to collaborate by sharing emerging technologies, peer-reviewed research, and ideas.  The goal is to maintain an open dialogue between the academic, industry (or private sector), and producer segments who are in pursuit of making better beef for our consumers.  We always intend that the meeting and exchange of new information is also worthwhile to beef producers, graduate students, end-consumers, and anyone who shares an interest in the success of the beef industry or who has a passion for constantly improving how we approach animal nutrition and management efforts.                                         Please join us for our next meeting!

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Hosted by CSU, UW, and UNL

2018 High Plains Nutrition & Management Roundtable